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All of the staff at Northwest Fuels are local, and take great pride in working to provide excellent service to all of our customers.  Northwest Fuels has a strong safety record, and is constantly upgrading and keeping current with industry practices and standards.

​Northwest Fuels is committed to excellence and personalized service to its customers. If you think you have the right stuff to join our team at Northwest Fuels, you can stop by our Head Office in Terrace

and drop your information off in person.


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Forestry has been the backbone of the Northern economy for many years. In order to service this sector, we have had to acquire the skills and equipment necessary in order to deliver to lumber mills, pulp mills, logging sites, and heli-logging operations. Our reputation speaks for itself; quality fuels and fuel-related products delivered on time and on budget... that's Northwest Fuels!


We operate a full service Marina in Prince Rupert, located in the Cow Bay area.  We have a full complement of fuels and marine related products.  Our Marina store carries a large variety of items, from sundry items, to a full range of Marine gear, Spill kits, Gloves, Batteries, and even housekeeping items. And of course, the Cow Bay Marina Store also carries an an extensive selection of fishing gear!


Not only are there current mines operating in this area of the Northwest, but there are new exploratory sites opening that require our expertise in servicing “remote” or “hard to reach” areas. Northwest Fuels specializes in delivering your fuel and fuel-related products where you need them and accomplish this on time. This ensures you with less downtime at your mining or exploratory enterprise.


The Aviation sector has grown in both size and complexity, and includes commercial aviation, as well a growing number of private and recreational customers. A large number of the aviation customers in the north are involved in remote operations, and we deliver Av Gas, Jet A, and Jet B aviation fuel. We have a diverse collection of clients, from heli-skiiing operations, to remote exploration camps.

Northwest Fuels: Head Office
5138 Keith Avenue,

Terrace, B.C.  V8G1K9
Phone: (250) 635-2066

Toll free: (800) 308-2066

Prince Rupert Cow Bay Marina

125 George Hills Way, Prince Rupert, B.C

(250) 624-4106

Need fuel? You need Northwest Fuels.

Smithers Office
4043 Railway, Smithers, BC

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Houston Office

2950 5th Street, Houston, BC

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