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“Petro-Canada will repair damaged equipment, or replace damaged equipment parts resulting from a failure due to defects of the Petro-Canada lubricant, as long as the lubricant is used in accordance with your equipment manufacturer’s and our recommendations.”
Our No Nonsense Lubricant Warranty...
It’s more than just a warranty. It’s a commitment.
John Davey
Local. Knowledgeable.
The toughest,
all season performance.

Petro-Canada DURATRAN and DURATRAN XL Synthetic Blend are premium heavy duty transmission / hydraulic fluids designed for agriculture, mining, forestry and construction equipment with a common oil system for transmission, differential, final drive, hydraulic, power take-off, wet brake and power steering mechanisms.

The DURATRAN product line is formulated with the 99.9% pure crystal clear HT processed base oils in combination with minimal viscosity index improver and a leading edge additive package. This formulation offers exceptional performance
surpassing equipment manufacturer’s specifications and requirements.

Lubricants that exceed the standards.

DURON™ next generation engine oils provide our highest ever levels of engine protection to deliver maximum uptime for your fleet. The proof? Look at DURON’s performance in the Cummins ISB wear test, one of the toughest engine performance tests in the whole PC-11 category. DURON next generation proves performance well below the specification limit.

It may be -40°C/°F or even 50°C/122°F outside. It could even get up to 500°C/932°F in the engine. That’s no match for DURON™. We’ve built our reputation on superior performance at every temperature extreme – and DURON next generation sets new standards.

John Davey
Local. Knowledgeable.
Supreme Motor Oil
Supreme protection, supreme performance.

Petro-Canada SUPREME™ SYNTHETIC Motor Oils, our best and most advanced motor oils, are designed to provide exceptional lubrication for the engines of today’s gasoline and ethanol (up to E85) fuelled passenger cars, vans, CUVs, SUVs and light duty trucks. With today’s high-powered engines, SUPREME SYNTHETIC Motor Oils can provide long engine life through enhanced lubrication and protection of critical engine parts. They also provide enhanced protection for the latest emission control systems, turbochargers and gasoline direct injected engines.

SUPREME SYNTHETIC Motor Oils start with a pure advantage. They are formulated using Petro-Canada base oils, which are among the purest base oils in the world. We use the HT Purity Process to remove performance-hindering impurities. Our base oils are 99.9% pure. That purity can help maximize the performance of our motor oils.

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