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One of our employees, Carol, at the marina.  We make it our business, to make sure you have all the related marine products our clients need in order to do their business!



Our Marina facility in Prince Rupert, located on the dock at Cow Bay, offers a full selection of marine related retail goods, both industrial, and commercial.

At our Cow Bay Marine facility, we have a fully equipped retail store offering everything from spill kits, fishing gear, Outdoor rain suits and coats, First Aid supplies, and assorted hardware and other supplies.  The retail shop is conveniently located on the pier, and we supply many commercial and marine related customers.



Our retail outlet for marine related products on the marina.


  • About The Marina – Prince Rupert is a busy port servicing industries  including the Coast Guard, commercial fishing boats, and many other marine related vessels.  
  • Products – Our retail inventory at the Marina is fully equipped to handle any marine related products, as well as a variety of products.  We have everything from sodas, to bug spray, gloves, hats, cleaning material and batteries.  We stock the marina based on seasonal needs, and the product is updated and changed constantly.  We also offer commercial fuel and related products.








The area around the marina has a variety of retail shops and food outlets.