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We have a full range of “After Market products”.

Northwest Fuels is a leader in distribution in many fields of commerce in the Northwest. This is one of the most difficult areas in B.C. to service, and it necessitates both the skills and equipment to do the job, and also the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of commerce in the North. View our service territory map…

The team at Northwest Fuels is constantly monitoring the day to day business of delivering products where needed.  Attention to detail, state of the art equipment, and constant updating and training have all contributed to the strength of the company.

Industries We Serve


Not only are there current mines operating in this area of the Northwest, but there are new exploratory sites opening that require our expertise in servicing “remote” or “hard to reach” areas.


We operate a full sevice Marina in Prince Rupert, located in the Cow Bay area.  We have a full complement of fuels and marine related products.  Our Marina store carries a large variety of items, from sundry items, to a full range of Marine gear, Spill kits, Gloves, Batteries, and even housekeeping items.


Forestry has been the backbone of the Northern economy for many years. In order to service this sector, we have had to acquire the skills and equipment necessary in order to deliver to lumber mills, pulp mills, logging sites, and heli-logging operations.


The Aviation sector has grown in both size and complexity, and includes commercial aviation, as well a growing number of private and recreational customers. A large number of the aviation customers in the north are involved in remote operations, and we deliver Av Gas, Jet A, and Jet B aviation fuel. We have a diverse collection of clients, from heli-skiiing operations, to remote exploration camps.

Whatever it takes to get the product to the client…

Often the areas that we need to access are “off-road” and hard to access. It’s all in a day for our drivers!
Whatever the weather….we are there.